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Week 2 - 2019

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

On Saturday evening, the Cypress Circuits (Team 6039) invited local Monterey Peninsula FRC teams to meet at Stevenson to discuss strategies for the game and share updates on teams’ progress. Through this, Team 4255 learned of a new issue that some of the newly released Neo motors appeared to be experiencing, in conjunction with the new spark motor controls, we are overall grateful to the Cypress Circuits for hosting us to share our ideas with other teams and to listen to the ideas and see the progress other teams have made.

To bring you guys along on the journey of working on a FIRST Robotics team, the team interviewed three new rookies to share their experiences so far on the team, the projects they have been involved in, and what they hope to see in the future in regards to team success. Here are their statements:

Rio: “I’ve had a pretty good experience so far. The team is including me in whatever I want to be a part of. I have been fabricating game pieces so we can have a realistic model of what our robot needs to be able to accomplish. I’m really excited for the robot to be done and see it compete at competition.”

James: “My experience has gone absolutely GREAT! I’ve really enjoyed designing and prototyping for the robot. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the robot looks and works once it is done being fabricated.”

Cristobal: “My experience so far has been a lot of fun. At the start of the season, I watched a lot of past matches and competitions to get a glimpse for the feel of last year's game. Recently though, I’ve been learning how to code using Java. I hope to become much more helpful to the team once I’ve honed in on my skills with coding.”

In the lines of our own team updates, the CAD team is close to finishing the robot’s intake mechanisms for both the hatch panels and the cargo pods, as well as the overall robot itself. The team has also begun to construct a few of the game pieces for this year’s game.

Make sure to check back in next week for Week 2 of Build Season!

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