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Monterey Bay Regional 2019

The Robodores co-hosted the inaugural Monterey Bay Regional that took place in Seaside High School from March 24th to March 27th.

The Monterey and Seaside robotics teams helped lay down the tarp and masonite on Wednesday to protect the gym's floor on Wednesday. The two teams returned to Seaside High School on Thursday to set up the field for Destination: Deep Space, a process that took the entire day. Some of the Robodores then returned to Monterey High to pack up their tools, pit set up and bagged robot into their trailer and bring it to Monterey High for load in, while others stayed to assist Plus Ultra with their own load-in to the event.

Practice matches occurred throughout the entirety of Friday while the 36 teams,12 local and 2 from China, worked tirelessly on their robots, ensuring they were ready for the qualification matches on Saturday and the first half of Sunday. The Herald photographer came this day, taking photos of the local teams.

Saturday was an even busier day. During the Opening Ceremonies, Dr. Woodie Flowers, the co-founder of FIRST spoke to the hundreds of high schoolers seated in the bleachers. Robin Coyne, as Event Manager of the Regional, was seen everywhere as he made sure things were running smoothly. The Robodores won their first match of the day, in an alliance with the Aluminum Narwhals from San Diego and Plus Ultra, a rookie team from Pacific Grove. The team finished the day with a ranking of 6/36.

During Opening Ceremonies on Sunday, Jimmy Panetta, the local district congressman gave a speech as well. The head coach for Plus Ultra also spoke, speaking of his own experience with FIRST and how he first got involved with the Robodores. Competition-wise, Sunday didn't go so well for the team, finishing overall with a rank of 21/36. While the team was not picked during alliance selections, the team still enjoyed the event wholeheartedly. Grins were shared around the group at lunch before the elimination matches while the Seaside High Percussion group played.

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