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Destination: Deep Space Kickoff! - 2019

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Team 4255 kicked off the new build season this Saturday with an early morning gathering to watch the release of this year's game at the team shop. Team 7413, Plus Ultra, a rookie team partnering with us this build season joined us to watch the livestream. Plus Ultra brainstormed strategies with a few of our team members about scoring strategies.

After the official Kickoff in San Jose, teams 6506 Steel Boot and 7777 GHS Bruins Robotics, another local rookie team, as well as 4171 BayBots came to our shop to continue strategy and design aspects of the robots and game.

The team watched the reveal, studied the game manual in depth and took a quiz on the rules a few hours after the release of the game. After lunch, the team began an intense brainstorming session to decide upon and finalize the objectives our robot will fulfill.The day was a productive one, with team members all providing input in some way our another as to what they wanted to see on the robot. Towards the end of the day, discussion shifted towards the "how" of our objectives, such as how would the robot fulfill one objective while still remaining viable for another objective.

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