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The Robodores traveled up to San Jose early Friday morning for pit load-in and a full day of practice matches. The team had passed inspection by noon and was on the field for practice matches after lunch.


The team's scouts spent the day preparing for qualification matches organizing their preliminary data and touching base with other teams they were collaborating with. The pit crew thoroughly tested the robot on the practice field, testing its climbing mechanism, its hatch intake, and its cargo intake. It wasn't until 6 PM where the team felt they were ready for the following day's qualification matches. Tired after an early morning and an intense day of work, the team returned to their hotel for dinner and rest.


Saturday morning marked the first day of qualification matches and opening ceremonies. The team encountered issues with the climbing mechanism's 3D printed parts breaking and no replacements for them. As a result, Team 4255 did not do very well competition-wise. The Closing Ceremonies awarded the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award and the Volunteer of the Year Award to the Team 1967's mentor Alvin Cheng and Clayton Ou, respectively. 


The team did well Sunday, finishing off their last qualification match with a tie with the opposing alliance, which included Team 846 with a rank of 1/59, Team 5737 with a rank of 9/59 and Team 256 with a rank of 13/59.


Although not chosen during the alliance selections, team members felt proud of tying with the first seeded alliance and of the new friendships they had established with teams.

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